Napavas Product was established on March 19, 2002. Mr. Pornchai Patthanakulpaisarn had the idea to develop and made the different products from others. He chosen aluminium and stainless material was the main material in process of production.  Our products in the prior time were corner trim and step nosing, next we also developed more styles and add more products, such as, border and skirting. Our products were made for decorating the home in several styles. Also, our products were received the intellectual property patent for making believe to our dealers and our customers. Moreover, we also keep developing our products.

DP Brand is popular in construction and interior market  so it can be decorated the building, office and residence, moreover in these market trust in DP brand which are qualifiable, durable, unbreakable and rust-proof

Pearl is a premium brand that all products have been punctilious selected from standard aluminium. We all believe that our products are durable, fresh color, and also rust-proof. Our product have been approved by  recognized institute
Home are alternative brand of Napavas Product that is beautiful,durable and valuable.and also alternative choice for the customers who want the different products in aluminium market, also manufactured by full quality of aluminium.