• How to Set Up Corner Trims
    You can use Aluminium Corner Trims (square) with every corner forms and use it instead the borders. In this picture, the cement walls look luxurious and don’t look too bare.
    The way to set it up likes you set up the Corner trims (curve type).
    For applicable to use instead of border, it is the same way like the border but you have to consider about the size of corner trims. If you need to work the corner trim with the tiles or other materials that thick, tiles thickness or thickness of others depends on the size of corner trim; small size corner trims can used with the thick of materials not over 6 mm. for PEARL brand, 7 mm. for DP brand., 9 mm. or 12 mm. for medium size, and 14 mm. for large size.

    Caution: when you finish setting up your work, please scrub the corner trims with clean damp cloth immediately.