• Aluminium Trims

    Trims used with the corner trims. There are both of square type and curve type.
    For installation, install the first side (the side that will be inserted the trim into the corner trim), it is important to cut (both of side) the edges of the corner trim at 45-degree angles for secure it against one of the sides. Then, insert the trim and keep installing the next side (opposite side). Finish the last side by installing a vertical side.

    There are 3 sizes of Trim; medium, extra medium, and large size.

    Medium size: Suitable for medium size of corner trim (9 mm.)

    Extra medium size: Suitable for extra medium size of corner trim (12 mm.)

    Large size: Suitable for large size of corner trim (14 mm.)



    Caution: when you finish setting up your work, please scrub the corner trims with clean damp cloth immediately.